Success and Frustration

I have managed to research nine generations of my paternal surname Carey, with my research taking me to the village of Alford in the county of Lincolnshire. I can find no birth or christening record for Richard a tenth generation ancestor. The only record I have found is of him being named as the father of Thomas my nineth descendant and his marriage record to Ann Ladlow (nee Dawson).

I have had less success with my maternal surname Hight. I have traced my ancestors back to the county of Bedfordshire. This is where I cannot establish or confirm a link. It seems John Hight was not Christened and married before 1837, therefore I cannot 100% confirm his Father. My contender is Samual Hight (Hytt) of Colmworth and this is what I have based the remainder of the Hight line in my tree upon.
Mary, Samual's first born was christened when she was an adult. Her brothers and sisters not at all or when they were teenagers. Samuel I think is my missing link. Samual's parents were Rob and Ann Hytt of Colmworth. Rob's parents were John and Ann from Keysoe.

Contacted Cousins

Thank you to the following for sharing their genealogy research. Their generosity is greatly appreciated.

Jeanette Pruitt for getting me started with my Maternal branch of the family tree.
Lucy Carroll and Bruce Pillinger for their Ship family information.
Doug. & Les. Woodhead and Joan Van Daalen for their Carey family information.
Gareth Nealer for his Fuller family information.
Anne Watson for her Abbey, Carnaby, Cross, Crowder, Foster, Parker, Parkinson, Swale and Wilson family information.
John Cameron Ward for his Larcum, Haw & Holiday family information.

Family Links to Harswell & HOSM

In the early nineteen hundreds at the age of 19 my Greatgrandmother travelled from Putney in London to work in service for the Langdale/Stourton family at Holme Hall in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Her service lasted until the Hall was sold to become a Convent in 1920. Moving up North from London was a brave move in those days for a female so young. She had fallen out with her parents after her Mother had taken a riding crop to her and up and left home. Her Salary was £10.00 per annum.

My Father travelled from Leeds to work on a farm in Harswell following his training in the 'British Boys for British Farms' scheme in Staffordshire and Cumberland. During this placing meeting my Mother at a HOSM dance. Their married life started in a 'Tied' cottage in Harswell, moving to a second 'Tied' cottage in HOSM after a few years. My Father retired from working at Park farm in Harswell after 48-years service over three generations of the owners, the Featherby family. The rest as we say is history.

About Me

I was born in Harswell a small village in the East Riding of Yorkshire and moved 2-miles to Holme-Upon-Spalding Moor when I was 2-years of age. I attended the local Primary School following on to the County Secondary School in Market Weighton until I was sixteen. My working life started at the local 'Milk Factory' where I served a 5-year electrical apprentiship. After 7-years I moved to Cumbria to pursue a career in the nuclear industry. I took early retirement in 2010 after 32-years service having had various promotions along the way. Following early retirement I started working for a Systems Integrator based in Middlesbrough, working from home full-time at first and part-time after a year supporting their contracts within the nuclear industry. I retired fully in December 2012.
I have took up wood turning following my retirement and am a member of the West Cumbria Wood Turning group. We meet once per month for a hands-on session or to watch a demonstration by a visiting wood turner.